Exmouth Street, London

Client: Little Stow (Exmouth) Limited

Location: Whitechapel, London

Project: 16no. apartments and commercial space

Project Value: £3 million

Status: Planning Application

A former Grade II listed pub, having been converted to housing, the site lies between a main arterial London road and a large housing estate. Our client successfully applied to have the Listing removed, leaving the site open for development. The area is dense and urban, and the site is surrounded by tall buildings.

The client simply asked us to maximise the site, with regard to its massing, height and uses.

Although the site’s setting may suggest otherwise, our design had to be sensitive to many factors; the heritage merits of the building we wanted to replace, the effect of the development on the neighbouring buildings, the mix of uses, and the effect of a new building on the local environment.

Being a central London site, the viability for our client was an obvious challenge.

Because of the restricted access to the site, and the challenge of viability, the development has been designed to use repeating modules that can be pre-manufactured and craned onto site, shortening the on-site programme.

The massing of our design, maximises the relatively small footprint and matches the adjacent building heights. A part-cloistered entrance to the commercial unit planned for the ground floor, eases the transition from busy urban square into our building. To minimise security and noise issues, the new apartments begin at the first floor. Several design options were scrutinised with the final proposal using robust materials suitable for the urban environment, and piecing the panels together in a varied pattern.

The apartments all have good-sized balconies and are dual-facing.

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