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Studio Gunn manages work in many sectors...

Private Residential

We have extensive knowledge of householder and permitted development planning rules and advise our clients on how best to unlock the potential of their homes. We work with a range of expert consultants and suppliers to give the best, creative and professional advice to our clients. The project sizes vary from £500,000 to £2 million.

Developer Residential

We work with developers and land-owners to maximise the potential of their sites. The developments range from 9 units to upwards of 50 units, and often include areas of other uses such as commercial, retail, and F&B.

We have excellent working relationships with a range of trusted consultants and suppliers and can advise on all aspects of these developments; from feasibility stage through to completion.

We have developed an efficient and accurate site viability programme to assist developers and landowners evaluate their sites and this is offered at feasibility stage.

Mixed Use

Our developer-client residential projects are often mixed-use developments with a combination of retail, commercial, and residential uses within one development.

We understand the financial and practical balances between commercial and residential uses, between different types of commercial use, and between different mixes of residential uses.

In our endeavours to keep up to date with market trends, and our clients’ businesses, we are able to give good commercial advice at very early stages of our mixed-use projects.


We work with our clients on their commercial projects such as office fit-outs, headquarters planning, and industrial commercial spaces. We liaise with landlords, commercial developers and end-users as the projects require.


We have worked with several higher and secondary educational establishments on the masterplanning and realisation of their capital projects.

Our proven strategy is to embed ourselves into the culture of the client’s establishment, and this has shown itself to produce considered solutions appropriate to the budget and programme.

We provide services including masterplanning and strategic programmes, bespoke design solutions, fabric surveying and maintenance programmes, and fire strategies. We communicate with governing bodies, management teams, and trustee boards, as well as landlords and estates owners.

We work through all project stages from feasibility to completion.


We understand the pressures of the fit-out sector, where quality, cost, and programme have to be carefully managed for a successful outcome.

We have extensive experience of providing commercial fit-out services, from speculative office projects and UK headquarters fit-outs, to Category A fit-outs for west-end creative agencies.

We work not only in the UK in the commercial sector, but also have projects across Europe.


With our years of experience working within Conservation Areas and with historic and heritage buildings, we offer our clients expert heritage advice.

We have an excellent track-record in finding creative solutions to maximise the use of our clients’ historical and listed buildings and can provide a full range of services assisting at every stage of the project. Ranging from initial assessment of the building, producing heritage reports and supportive information to overseeing conservation works onsite are able to use our in-house heritage team.

Whether your project or development involves a listed building, is in a conservation area, or affects a local heritage asset, we can help.